Based in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Founded in 2016
Genre: #Classical #Rock #Comedy #Soundtracks 
Label: Unity Arts
Heng Chang – General Director/Trombone
Shao Jia Hsu – Saxophone/Song Writer
Zhi Hsien Lee – Saxophone
Yung Chen Le – Trumpet
Yu Fan Lee – Trumpet
Shao Chun Lu – Trombone/Soundtrack Composer
Ji Sheng Wang – Tuba
Jen Yen Wang – Drum

a little bit of the history

Formed in 2016, the unique brass ensemble quickly established their name by breaking box office records in local theaters. Inspired by many pioneers, TLBE found its exceptional way of performing, comic music in particular is the most favored genre TLBE performs. Following steps of outstanding artists such as Danny Kaye, Victor Borge, and groups like Igudesman & Joo, Mnozil Brass and so on, TLBE chose a path that set foot in both theaters and concert halls.

Before all the creativities came together, TLBE musicians met on the campus of Taipei National University of the Arts, they were just brass students longing for more fun with their instruments. Besides playing school orchestra concerts next to each other, they started putting on experimental shows that involved comic ideas into music pieces. Unexpectedly, or perhaps expectedly, the shows went viral locally, and that's when the seed of TLBE was planted.

In 2016, those students carried the name of their experimental band "Taipei National University of the Arts Low Brass Ensemble (TLBE)", continued to develop into a brass ensemble with a saxophone, and formed TLBE Brass. The premiere concert tour which took place in 4 cities in Taiwan, immediately proved that TLBE concerts encourage more non-concertgoers to take part in the industry of performing arts. Since then, TLBE Brass started their ongoing adventure of producing diverse programs.

Until now, TLBE Brass has grown into an ensemble of 2 saxophonists, 2 trumpeters, 2 trombonists, 1 tubist, and 1 percussionist. The crew behind productions has also expanded into a group of professional music director, artistic consultant, visual designers, multimedia staffs, stage crews, and sponsors.

Besides self-production tours, TLBE has also begun to work continuously in collaborations with National theaters and governmental local bureaus of cultural affairs.

Unity Arts, Ming Yen Chen, +886919115515
TLBE Brass, Wei TIng Lin, +886936550758

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